Wondering how to get rid of poison oak? Poison oak plants can be hazardous to have around the house as they can cause irritating rashes called dermatitis.

Poison oak plants can be eliminated either manually or by the use of herbicides. When ridding the yard of poison oak, it is ideal to preserve oneself by wearing protective garments such as long sleeved shirts, long pants, and gloves. Getting poison oak on your skin could mean having to get serious poison oak treatment.

How To Get Rid of Poison Oak: Two Common Methods

  1. Manually – How to get rid of poison oak with your hands means to either pull it out by its roots or smother it with another material until it dies.When choosing to pull it out by the roots, it is best to dig 8 inches deep into the soil. Dig around the poison oak plant to ensure that all of its roots will be pulled out. When disposing of the roots, be careful not to burn them as inhaling the fumes can cause serious health problems that is more fatal than the rashes they cause through skin contact.

    Another method on how to get rid of poison oak is to smother it by covering the plants with materials such as tarps, newspapers, old carpeting or mulch. First, the plants should be cut close to the ground, then, covered fully to eliminate its source of sunlight. After the plants are killed, they still remain toxic so be careful when throwing them out.
  2. Using herbicides – Herbicides are best employed during the height of growing seasons. Herbicides that can be utilized for killing poison oak are glyphosate and triclopyr.Carry around a pair of pruners and a can of herbicide. Cut the stem of the plant an inch or two above the ground and apply the herbicide immediately. Applying herbicides to the stump of the poison oak is best done when the plant is actively growing.Sprinkling herbicides on the leaves of the plants may also be done. Spray the herbicides during the flowering stage if using triclopyr, and apply it during fruiting stage when utilizing glyphosate. Repeat the spraying until the poison oak is fully eliminated. A tank sprayer will be useful for this procedure of poison oak removal.

    When spraying herbicides on poison oak, follow the directions that accompany the type of herbicide purchased. Spray on a day that is neither windy nor drizzling. For poison oak attached to a tree, smearing the herbicide on the leaves may be more ideal to prevent damage to the tree due to the mist of the sprayer. If you’re dealing with treatment for poison oak growing on the ground or the wall, generously spray the leaves and the vines until fully eradicated

Important Tips To Remember

When treating poison oak, it is essential to wear protective clothing and to wash all garments and tools immediately after work is done. Take a shower to remove the toxic resin from the skin and never burn any portion of the poison oak. Bare twigs and branches are toxic during the dormant season.

Knowing how to get rid of poison oak properly will help eradicate the plant with little chance of it growing again. It is best to take quick and decisive action in eliminating these plants as early as possible before they spread around the home and cause a serious health hazard to the family and the rest of the neighborhood.

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